Running of the Donuts

Ocala, FL

Time to Get Back Out There!!! We missed you!
Running of the Donuts may be the first LIVE RACE since March in Ocala. This is a "NO FRILLS" run, (We had about 5 minutes to put this together.) but we are as eager as you are to get moving again. Registration is only $10. 
8AM start!
There will be NO t-shirts, awards or medals...and very donuts. You will pick up your chipped bibs the morning of the race. The race will have a chip Start and Finish. You will go off in small waves to comply with the guidelines we were given. Masks are Not required as per these guidelines. This is a 5K Run/Walk. Results will be posted during the race. Final Results and Finish line Photos will be available later in the day.  Rain or shine. No Refunds. Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again!

IGNORE EVERYTHING BELOW! Saving for next year.

A fast 5K.....a donut eating challenge or a relay. Run one or both! The Running of the Donuts is a fun 5k race with a donut break in the middle. Run 1.5 miles, eat 6 donuts, run another 1.5 miles. For those who don’t like to eat and run, we offer a 5k (no donut) race that takes place 45 minutes before the donut run. For the bold, we have what we like to call the challenge. Run the open 5k, then come back for the donut run. Fastest combined time in the 5k and Donut run, will win the challenge.

Can you eat 6 donuts in the middle of running a 5k? Prove it by joining us for the Seventh Annual Running of the Donuts 5k on June 6th, 2020. The race will consist of a 1.5 mile run, a feast of 6 donuts, and another 1.5 mile run. The goal is to see who can do this the fastest!

If running a 5k and eating 6 donuts doesn’t sound appealing we have a 5k only option. The 5k will take place 45 minutes before the Donut Run as we have another twist. THE CHALLENGE!

What is the THE CHALLENGE? THE CHALLENGE is a combination of the open 5k run and the Donut Run. 6 donuts, 6 miles, and the fastest combined time is the winner! Are you up for THE CHALLENGE?

Want to do the Donut Run, but don't think you can handle 6 donuts and a 5k? We have you covered too! New this year is the Donut Run Relay. Run 1.5 Miles, eat 3 donuts, then let your partner do the rest!

T-shirts guaranteed to those who register on or before 5/25/2020.

5k Run – 7:30 am
Donut Run – 8:45 am

Early Registration until MAY 15, 2020
Cost: Donut Run - $25
Open 5k Run - $20
Donut Run Relay - $20/person
Donut Challenge - $35 (5k+Donut run)
Late registration is $5 additional

When & Where

Jun 6, 2020


8:00 AM

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Ocala, FL

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